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The first recipe for the HBin5 Bread Braid(a bake along) is the Master Recipe. Now, I'm not going to be posting the dough recipes here. The book is copyrighted, so you'll have to buy the book or find it at your public library. The good news is that the authors of the book put the Master Recipe on their website along with the method of baking it, so you can try it before you buy it. :c)

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Last year I participated in BYOB2009 (Bake Your Own Bread 2009). We enjoyed it so much, I'm continuing on into BYOB2010, but I'm adding another challenge. It may sound like a lot, but, really, they're so closely related that I can easily do them together.

You may remember(or not Ha!) the book I got in October called Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day (the sequel to the Artisan Bread book). I joined a group that will be baking through the book over the next year and a half(approximately, it's actually a bit longer) by making one dough recipe every 2 weeks to use for several recipes. There are a few recipes I will be skipping because they contain either coffee or beer. I do realize that alcohol cooks out of food, but I personally don't cook with it(or drink it) anyway and we don't drink coffee so I won't be making those either. I substitute for wine when cooking, so it's possible I could substitute for the beer. We'll see.

The posts will be put up (hopefully!) on the 1st and 15th of the month, unless I'm not able to take pictures that time for some reason or if I'm running behind. If that happens, I will probably skip posting that time.

The first post will be up tomorrow!


Organization 2010

We have a write-on/wipe-off calendar in our kitchen that has been there for... uhm... many years. I can't remember when we got it, but it's been quite a long time ago. I'm usually pretty good about keeping it up to date. In order to help the kids through their day and remember what they need to do, I made each of them a laminated card that goes under the calendar. They can easily see first thing in the morning what they need to do each day. The things on their card are just the things they do every single day. There are some things we do only one or two days a week. Those things aren't on the cards. So far they seem to be working really well!

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Sale on kid stuff

Let's Explore is going out of business. :c( Everything is 40% off right now.


The birthday girl doing her school work in her favorite spot. She says, "It's like a jungle!"